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Lessons Learned. Sometimes, Things Just Run Their Course.

This past week was a nightmare. Actually the last year and a half has been an eclectic compilation of MANY nightmares. This will be a bit of a ranting session. Pardon me, in advance.

My job has not been very kind to me and I have reached a point of surrender and resignation. The lessons have been learned. The resect has been lost and all that’s left is the parting of ways. I LOVE what I do for a living. I am a digital visual designer. I LOVE organizing information and I LOVE branding. I REALLY love branding. I have recently dipped my toe into the pool of motion graphics and have found it both enticing and welcoming. I want to expand as a graphic designer. I want to become more of an artist. I want to add motion graphics to my skills set.

I work for people with very little integrity. People with zero fiscal responsibility. People with no respect for those that make the company what it is—people who work hard and are incredibly professional. I am proud of the people I work with. But as more and more of those people become memories walking these hallways, I feel my days are numbered and my association with this company has run its course.

I want to walk away with no regrets; no hard feelings. I just want to part ways. Move on to the next opportunity to advance my skill set and do work that matters to me. I applied for a job at Pornhub as a Digital Designer. I have said for years that I dreamed of working for an adult entertainment or sex tech company. Time to jump the shark and turn dreams to reality. Time to polish up the portfolio and resume and make a move.

I am frustrated. I am hurt. I am disappointed.

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