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Photoshoot: Khrist

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Khrist the Model

I met Khrist a year ago at a photography workshop with the PixelPoets in Alexandria, Virginia and we hit it off immediately. Her sense of humor is crude and raw, but that's exactly how I like it. She's an amazingly curvy alt model who relates to my nerdery and sometimes pokes fun at me for it...

After our first shoot, we made a vow that we'd work together again — and a year later, we kept our word. Shooting twice again in mid-2016, we put together an impressive display of photography intended to grace publications everywhere.

She has a couple of creative endeavors, one of which is a posing guide and self-awareness video series aimed at full-figured models. Khrist is one of my favorites and I hope to bust my published-work cherry with this inked beauty.

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