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How Far I’ve Come. How Far I Have To Go.

I was watching some old YouTube videos of me just picking up Juri in Street Fighter V. OMG I am such a horrible player! I still have those old videos on my YouTube Channel, and will add to them soon, but it was funny seeing how much worse I was back then than where I am now.

Now that we are in the 3rd season and in an entirely new version with Arcade Edition, I cringed at my earlier play. I am pretty sure I will cringe at my current play in another 6 months to a year.

I found myself screaming at myself for not throwing fuhas or not continuing combos and getting more damage out of confirms. I still have a LONG way to go. Not blocking. I mean, literally, not blocking.

But I would like to think that my current play is a bit more fluid than me back then. One can hope, right? I’m playing on a different platform (Steam) so I am not sure if the streaming is as simple, but I will try and get some play posted this week and do some before and after comparisons.

Since I started playing ranked matches, the competition has gotten a little tougher. And with the update and “balance” coming out yesterday, I need to see what has changed with my character.

I still LOVE playing with Juri. I was checking out my stats and I have played with her for almost 2,000 matches, and have used her 100% of the time I have played on Steam. I played her a bit on PS4 as well, so that number is probably well over 2,000, but to imagine I have been playing with her that much is impressive to me. I am sure many of you are saying to yourself, “2,000? That’s all?” While I would like to to be able to put in part-time job hours with this game, I just can’t too much going on these days. I’m lucky just to have the 2 hours each evening after the little one goes to bed to hop on.

I had this idea that I want to be the oldest player to reach Day 2 of a premiere event. I am NO WHERE near that. I haven’t even been in a tournament at all. And I am currently running solo and haven’t found a group to train with or anything. Just playing matches online. Hell, I feel I need a training regiment like “Gief’s Gym” or link up with Floe or Gooteks or something…

But I am trudging along on my own for now.

That’s all. Just a quick retrospective into my comparison of then and now. Hopefully I can continue seeing the growth and improve my gameplay. See you online!

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