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I want to be the oldest FGC contender to make it to the second day at a premiere event. I can hear it now. A roaring crowd screaming, "Geezer! Geezer! Geezer!" rocking t-shirts with my signature catchphrase, "...back in my day..." Now before you jump on the Geezer wagon and order my limited edition tee, there's something you need to understand...

So, I Have This Crazy Idea...

I'm a 43 year-old dude from Springfield, Virginia, and I have NEVER played competitive Street Fighter. I suck at the moment (as expected) and I main Juri. I played Street Fighter back in the day, but never in a quarter-crunching session with a rival from another part of town. I played on my lunch break. Against the computer. Arcades were on the decline in my area when I picked up Street Fighter II. I played all of the 2's: Street Fighter 2, Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Street Fighter 2 Championship Edition... I skipped Alpha and 3rd Strike, but I caught a serious Street Fighter bug towards the end of 4. I played Chun Li and then found some comfort with Ibuki.

Then 5 came out! I skipped the first couple of months because I wanted to play Ibuki, as she was a DLC character. So I broke down and played Chun. Chun was cool. But I started playing R. Mika and she kinda felt right. But then Juri came out with the goth black and white schoolgirl costume and that was a wrap. Been using her ever since.


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Looking For A Game?

Or you find an old man suffering the ills of Street Fighter entertaining...?

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  • CFN: OldSchoolGeezer (Steam) / OldSchoolGeezerX (PSN)
  • PSN: OldSchoolGeezerX
  • Steam: OldSchoolGeezerX
  • Xbox Live: OldSkoolGeezer

Gaming Sessions

Weekly gaming sessions for your scrutiny...

I am trying. NO... REALLY... I AM TRYING...! I watched some old videos from my earlier days of Street Fighter V and laughed. I found myself yelling at the screen for not doing certain things or punishing moves the way I should have. Blocking with my face seemed to be a common theme in my earlier videos. Now I am posting on a more consistent basis and I can see my progress. Am I good? No, not really. But as a casual player, I think I am okay. I will never be a Daigo or an Infiltration. I don't wanna put in the time. But I will progress a bit over time.