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Time To Purge. The Chore of Rebranding Myself Online.

I spent the better part of 2 hours this morning unfollowing Instagram “models” and “influencers” that I found appealing at one point in time. Up until recently, I made a little name for myself as a glamour photographer. But now EVERYONE is a glamour photographer. And many of the self-made models are taking better selfies than 80% of current glamour photographers out there.

So I made the decision to swim upstream and shoot something different. That transition burned me out a bit. Enough so, that I took an entire year off from doing any serious photography work.

Now it’s 2019, my camera is calling me and my soul is screaming for a story. So I am dusting off my cameras and getting back into shooting. With that, the issue that burned me out still exists…

I want to shoot goth-steampunk-horror-erotic-nerdy-scifi-fantasy. Yeah, I know… Trying to define it is hard enough. And if that weren’t enough of a challenge, I don’t have any goth-steampunk-horror-erotic-nerdy-scifi-fantasy Friends or go-to-models that I know of that can help me develop a new portfolio and help me rebrand.

I am not goth. I may have been a closet goth all along, but if you let my little sister tell it, I have an Asian emo kid trapped inside of a NY underground hip-hop club bouncer body…

I LOVE the goth and steampunk aesthetic, but have always been a silent observer. Admiring both cultures from afar.

And then there are the monsters… Oh, yes. Have you seen the show Face-Off on SyFy? Yeah. That shit does things to me… I conceived a semi-erotic photo series in my head with creatures from my imagination, brought to life by amazing costume designers. That’s a photography goal for 2019!

And I won’t forget a serious dose of the nerdy stuff! I still have a passion for cosplay photography. In addition to cosplay, I want to also be sure to include little nerdy easter eggs in my other photography through 2019.

With all of this, I am going to continue to evaluate my social media accounts and kinda doing some purging—realigning myself to connect with the energy I need to move me to where I want to go as a creative. I am still interested in glamour photography, but I am looking to shoot more thoughtful, elaborate productions. Less tits and ass and more costume — still with sex appeal. My glamour work in 2019 may look more like elaborate lingerie commercials than the prevalent in-your-face imagery you see now.

OH! And if the whole rebranding wasn’t enough — I am also shooting film in 2019! Wish me luck.

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