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The Day I Decided to Become An Idea Machine

Idea sex. Yup. That’s right. I want to live by James Altucher’s concept of idea sex. My idea muscle has atrophied and I need some idea therapy…

The desire to pursue art history has opened up a whole bunch of shit. There is some kind of craziness or some magic power has unleashed inside of me.

My brain has seemed to open up and all kinds of ‘stuff,’ both good and bad has been dropped inside.

You ever heard of Caravaggio? Me neither before a few days ago, and now I think this totally whacked out nutjob of an artist may have been a bit of a genius. I hate to say it like this, but he was kinda like a Renaissance Kanye West…*shiver

Ever heard of Roberto Ferri? Me neither before a few days ago. But he’s an amazing modern artist in France who was inspired by Caravaggio, and he’s combined Caravaggio’s style with something straight out of Pan’s Labyrinth… The shit is amazing!

I need to read more.

I mean, I REALLY need to read more. My wife has always admired her former boss’s desire to read everything he comes across. This guy is a super idea machine. He’s in the public relations industry where ideas need to constantly be conceived. This guy has no shortness of ideas, and my wife attributes this to his voracious reading appetite. So, in an attempt to make myself into an idea machine, I am compiling a reading list.

Currently on my reading list are:

These 4 titles were suggested in a The Accidental Creative podcast. As I was thumbing through previous notes in my personal journal, I realized I had developed a list for 2016 that I never worked through…

These are mostly business and self-help books and I am going to add a few other books for pleasurable sci-fi reading. I finished up Boneshaker, Hell Divers, Stormship Troopers and Ready Player One among others over the last year. Looking back at my Audible account, I actually completed quite a bit. But I need to add more.

In addition to reading more, I am also creating new Spotify playlists and listening to more orchestral selections and opera. It’s amazing that even though the majority of operas I have listened to are not in English, the emotions and feelings emanating from the singers is universal. Regardless of the language barriers, the feelings of anguish, love, anger, joviality, curiosity and success are understood. I am incorporating these into my daily actions and figuring new ways to connect with people beyond JUST spoken language.

All of these things will go into my daily practice of developing a list of ideas. Influences and inspirations that will help work my idea muscle.I am also building my network. Too much have I sat around watching things happen around me or wondered why I wasn’t getting opportunities I thought I should. I need to be proactive, and developing my idea muscle MAY help me overcome my social anxiety.

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