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The Breaking Point And Why I Am Done With Twerkers

So—full disclosure—I love the female figure. I love the curves and dimples, the boobs and the ass. That smirky smile they give you when they know they’ve trapped you in that silky web they spin. Their eyes of love or possibility or  lust. Women are way more interesting TO ME to shoot. Much more so than men or children or cats and dogs or flowers or buildings…

You know what I don’t like about the female figure? When it’s on camera fuckin’ twerking… I’m really starting to hate that shit. It’s not cute when it’s done, even less cute when it’s done in public. So why in a post where I profess my love for the female figure am I admitting I am done with twerkers and the jiggly queens who put their shit on display for all to see?

Because it’s fuckin’ everywhere and it’s pointless. It’s the same as the crouching ass shot that every urban photographer and model feels they need to get. You know the one I am talking about. “Hey turn around and drop it low. Yeah, that’s the shit! Look at that ass, ass, ass…” Yeah, I’ve been guilty of it once or twice. But I generally try to bring models back from that. It isn’t really all that intriguing. I mean, how many homecoming or prom pictures have been ruined by the clichéd squat down in front of the ghetto BMW airbrushed background from when I was growing up…? My personal Facebook wall is currently full of Snapchats and Twitter videos of scantily clad ladies feeling the need to see how jiggly their ass is… I was never really a strip club kinda dude. I admit—I’m a geek. And while there are exceptions to the rule (there are a few twerkers I have seen that made me click the Like button), it’s time to move on. And while I, a red-blooded American brown-skinned man, love a curvy woman, I am tired of seeing the image.

As Jay-Z once said, “it’s on to the next one.”

And I have found my next one. As a matter of fact, I have discovered a few next ones.

My recent head-first dive into the world of art history and fine art is starting to change my perspective a bit. I can have still celebrate the female figure and still enjoy nude models, but it’s time to actually do something unique with them. I am interested in fine art nudes in the styles of the painting masters. Picasso. Caravaggio. Titian. Rembrandt.

I also have a brand new project in the works with an artistic friend of mine that I hope becomes a serious thing and propels her into the stratosphere. I think there is an opportunity there. And I REALLY want to be the one who gets to document the entire ride. Getting to watch her fulfill a dream from the shotgun seat is an amazing feeling and I hope I can add a little of my voice to the vision!

I had a boudoir shoot this past weekend with 5 young ladies. The images are being reviewed and processed, but I can’t help but to look forward to my next shoot which is going to give me a bit more artistic control and the ability to flex the creative muscle I have been working on the last couple of weeks. The big flex is the Scott Church shoot with Jessica Woods.

And while my next shoot will be along the lines of artistic fetish nude, I WILL NOT be asking for backshots or squatting poses. Done with the twerkers… Forever. Now, belly dancing is a completely different story… 😉

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