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The Beauty And The Mamiya

Another successful shootout down! I had the pleasure of heading back up to Lebanon, PA last weekend for a shootout at Scott Church’s studio. Amazing space! Even on the second trip, I saw places I have never seen before. Hopefully the third time will be the charm as I think I have managed a gameplan and I plan to implement it on my next visit. Stay off the 3rd floor when it’s cold!

I got the opportunity to catch up with models I worked with at the last shootout and got to shoot a couple of models I missed out on the first time around.

One, is this beauty! Samantha is awesome and I had a blast working with her.

Another is the sweet and oh-so-sassy Alexis Salim, who I’d like to work with a third time around. I need some better concepts and I need to set some time aside to get the shots I want. She’s an amazing lil’ lady who loves giving me a tough time. This time around we did a quick fitness look and a formal wear look. She rocks. I would love to get some really creative makeup and a serious goth outfit on her. I think she’d rock the hell out of it!

I missed out on the opportunity to shoot a few models at the event. I will not miss those opportunities again. New gameplan for the next one. I would also like to shoot some film.

Walking around the studio, a Mamiya 645 medium format caught my eye. I have been checking those out on ebay for a couple of months now. I didn’t make the opportunity to talk to Scott about the camera, but I will do some research in the coming weeks, and I may have one by the next shootout to play around with. Or if Scott is willing, I can give his a try before purchasing my own. I also spotted an old Kodak Brownie box camera. I was checking into those too on ebay. Funny looking little box. Glad to see one up close and personal. Amazing how far, sophisticated and sleek camera design has become.

On another note, I have made zero progress towards the goal of creating work to submit to Gothsque Magazine. I really need to assemble a team, and quickly! I also need to grow my wardrobe selection in order to be able to shoot at a moment’s notice and chase the themes I wish to submit to. This is all so new and I feel like I am trying to feel my way through a darkened cave… because a giant spider snuffed out my torch… and my fire magic isn’t mastered yet… and I don’t have darkvision…

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