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Ah… So That’s How It’s Done. Tell Better Stories.

I have seen this video several times, but today it just seemed to resonate a bit differently for me…


I have struggled with “what do I say?” for a while. My Family gets frustrated with me because I rarely call. And when they call and ask how I’m doing, my response is, “I’m hanging in there.” All the time. It never changes… Why? Because I don’t feel like I really DO anything. I wake up. I go to work. I go home. I sit around with my Family. I go to bed. Rinse and repeat 5 days a week. The other 2 days, I am either spending hours upon hours painting hundreds of little 2-inch plastic army men or sitting around playing Street Fighter (had to find a way to mention my #1 waifu, Juri). Maybe I get REALLY inspired and build a Gundam model.

After I watched the Gary Vee video, I realized that there may be some interest in the little sub-plots below the surface. The assembling of my Gundams. The hours of painting Warhammer figures. The perfect combo finisher I got in Street Fighter. The learning how to draw and the frustration with how stupid I feel while trying to learn motion graphics design.

SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE, is going through the same thing. Or just went through it, or is considering going through it. Perhaps they are in the exact same place I am.

I had a conversation with a Friend some time ago who let me know that my life is far from boring. “You get the opportunity to photograph naked women! Do you know how many people find that amazing!?” She told me I needed to change my perspective. And so I will. Every morning I wake up, I will shoot a quick video and just provide some quick thoughts for the day. Hopefully it will entertain, help, inspire, connect others. Maybe this will double as a skills-building project and help me learn video production and mograph a little faster. Perhaps I’ll struggle through the first few because I hate being the focus of attention. But perhaps I can look back after a few months and realize that my story is a fuckin’ best-seller and should get a movie adaptation!

Who’s got Vin Diesel’s number?

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