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Just An Update

As a friend recently posted to me, “Nature gives NNNOOOOOOOOOOOO FUCKS!” I simply nodded and replied back, “Zero!”

I have been under the weather for the better part of 3 and a half months and the last week was the absolute worst. I have been battling migraines since Thanksgiving along with sinus pressure and — the most recent event — a stomach bug that has left me 8 pounds lighter since it started last Sunday. The weather in the Washington, DC area has been unstable, to say the least. Not sure if it’s a disturbing sign of things to come… We went from a record-high of 76 degrees yesterday to snow flurries and a high of 38 today. My puffy face and pounding head can’t take much more of this.

With the symptoms of miserable upon me, I forge on. I am looking very forward to the Scott Church Studios Shootout this coming Sunday in PA. I attended the Shootout in December and was a bit overwhelmed, but had a great time and an awesome experience. I am going back this time with knowledge of what to expect and a plan. The final model list JUST got posted, and I have already reached out to a couple of models to get some ideas going.

The amazing Jessica Woods is an experience I am eager to share. I am hoping to get some video footage and  cut up a promo video for my page. Even if I don’t I will have some photos to share. I touched base with Alexis Salim and would like to make some photographic magic happen with her. I have a list of models to go through and figure out what to do, but I am looking to regain some of this physical energy zapped by nature and re-purpose it into creative energy.

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