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Year-End Reflections and My 2017 Resolutions Brainstorm

Man, the year is almost over. 2016 has been of year of serious ups and downs. There were times I never wanted the day to end, and others where I wanted to pull a blanket over my head and wait out impending doom. I think my sentiments are echoed for many people. And as I reflect on 2016, I start looking forward to the year to come.

2016 started out strong with several photo shoots! Samantha Shane, Meadow Bosworth and Jennifer Lynn among others. I completed my personal goal of 12 shoots for the year. However, I have yet missed my goal of getting published work. That’ll have to be a 2017 goal. The second half of the year has been very inactive. I had a few shoots, but I have begun losing some of the interest and excitement I had once I discovered goth and steampunk fashion earlier this summer.

Otakon was a bust. All my fault. However, with the change of venue in 2017, I believe I will miss the next Otakon and put energy into attending Burning Man with a friend or possibly a trip to the Philippines. It’ll be a very new experience and I hope either will be an experience that helps me grow as an artist and person. Events like this are long overdue for me and my career, and I owe it to my development to REALLY get out of my comfort zone and do something different.

I finished up my first video editing course at Fairfax Public Access and now I am looking forward to volunteering at the studio and building my skills.

My first real video project and I was pretty satisfied with the results. Could always be better, but not bad for a real first try. I have dabbled for years, but this was my first official attempt with an actual deadline and specifications.

2017 is the year of crossing off bucket-list items. The trip I planned with some friends to attend AVN in January got cancelled. No biggie. I would LOVE to start planning now and attend both XBiz and AVN in 2018. Hopefully I can plan to attend Xbiz in 2018 with a year’s worth of website content behind me. (That’s a WHOLE other project…)

I have a bunch of random thoughts in my head. Lots of things I want to accomplish. Lots of things I need to change. Lots of things I want to get better at. But I will not overlook the successes and growth that I have had in 2016.

I got to close out the year with a shoot at the amazing Scott Church Studio. I may have a couple of shoots before the actual end of the year, to help me carry this creative momentum forward. I would still like to launch my video game-inspired photo series. Stay tuned!

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