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My Mission To Be More Productive… And The Procrastination Chronicles

So I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how to become more productive and how to generate an income working fewer hours per day. My immediate goal is to double my salary (if not more) before noon every day. That’s what’s rattling around in my head right now.

I got this message in my email from Tony at Coach.me and it links to this article that talks about the standard 8 hour work day and how “it takes [us] eight hours of goofing off to get one hour of work done.”

Link to the entire article: How to Be Productive Without Working Past Noon.

I know this all too well. I recently received a quasi-promotion at work and the only thing I requested was a dedicated work-from-home day. The reason I requested this was because I don’t need to sit in fucking DC rush hour traffic for 90 minutes to go 35 miles — ONE WAY — to sit in an office for 9 hours and then travel another hour to get home. Just to do 2 hours worth of work…

I feel I can get SO much more accomplished out of the office.

Now, I know how I talk about being an introvert and all, but I need people. I have a tendency to get caught up in the conversations in my head — and those folks are brutal. I easily talk myself down and turn down opportunities that could put me in a better place because I feel I am not good enough or that I just don’t have the skills. That personal anxiety sets in and procrastination happens.

When I get around other people, I get that affirmation that I am a valuable member of the creative community and it makes me step out into uncharted waters and take risks. Not to mention the personal connections I make that help me along and fulfill me as a human being. I need to be in an office at some point.

I can’t work in a vacuum.

However, if I could get out of the office, I could tend to the office needs, but then be able to develop products, skills, services that are valuable to others in an attempt to supplement my income. I could schedule corporate headshots during lunch time and have pros come in for quick headshots to update their social media or business card photos. I could provide consultation to small businesses who do not have the budget or need for a full-time creative. I could be shooting sets for Gothesque Magazine in the middle of the day while I am waiting for office work to come in. I could be sketching out logos or editing video.

The point is, I could be as productive in fewer hours than what I am currently doing and I could be increasing my quality of life. The truth is, I am not.

Me asking for the dedicated day from home was my first step. AND IT FUCKING GOT DENIED.

Are you fucking kidding me!? The reasoning was bullshit and I will most definitely bring this issue back up in the VERY near future — but that is not the point of this post.

The point is we could all be more productive, inspired and happy if we could figure out how to cut out the dead time in our day and do things that inspired us or helped us grow as individuals. Read the article. Take from it what you will.

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