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In Transition And the Re-Re-Reinvention Of An Imagination Moth

So I kinda fell off the wagon. I guess this was expected. This is what happens when I have too many balls in the air. At any point in time, more are going to drop than I can handle and my forward progress gets derailed.

The company I work for is in a disaray. My duties have changed — and while it’s a step up — it’s no longer the fresh path I want to follow… or even rewarding.

I have been a web designer for the last 4 and a half years, and the recent resignation of some high-ranking employees at the company has me seriously considering my own exit plan.

I am used to transition. I have tried reinventing myself many times over. And the time has come for me to form my newest cocoon in an attempt to reinvent myself again.

I went from being a print designer to a web designer. I believe this path has run its course. I feel like an Eldar. I have walked the Path of the Designer and have discovered the end of the road for me. I will not be studying to become an Aspect Warrior.

Instead, I believe I am going to walk the path of the Photographer/Cinematographer and use my existing design skills to become a badass motion graphics designer.

I have dabbled with this concept for some time, but as I live in the Washington, DC area (not really an entertainment hotbed), I haven’t actively pursued it. Instead I loathed the people in New York, Atlanta, Florida and California because they are in the places I want to be.

So while I am getting myself back on the tracks, I am ramping up my transition into the gothic and steampunk “all hands on deck” enthusiasm. I have a couple of shoots  scheduled and I have made up my mind that I need to plow through any obstacle I have in front of me. I am also going to add another branch to my photography and video that satisfies another creative side of me, but that will be after I can get some of these loose ends tied up and start from a much cleaner slate.

I still have a ton of photos and video to edit. I need to find an external storage source because both of my hard drives in my computer are full and temporarily shut down my machine. I had to deal with that while in the middle of an edit. Lost everything I was working on and it took the wind out of my sails… As if that wasn’t enough technical difficulty, my Samsung Note 4 decided to get on that last nerve I had left. I am now rocking an iPhone 4S — again. I am SO done with Samsung. My Note 4 sucked ass. The television in my living room is on the fritz — it’s a Samsung. Anyone giving away an Apple 6 Plus (AT&T)?

But, with the help of some friends, I am getting back on track. A long road ahead of me, but I am going to take it an image at a time.

With the inspiration of one particular designer, I am excited about getting back to goth! I have a shoot themed Ninjas versus Pirates that I am accumulating wardrobe for and I am super-excited about.

With the changing of the seasons also comes a little seasonal depression. I am trying to put as many projects on the calendar as I can so I can focus on creativity and not feel like I am suffering from the lack of it. I need to make some deposits into my creative bank so I can call on those resources when the time comes.

Well, here’s to machete sharpening and uncovering less treaded paths. I hope there’s no magnetic interference in my compass! (BONUS: If you know of this recent television reference, hit me up on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and let me know what show it’s from. I have a massive collection of collectible toys from LootCrate I need to give away! One random toy from a LootCrate in my collection will be awarded to the first person to respond with the correct answer. THANK YOU for sticking it out to the end. )


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