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Monthly Archives: January 2019

31 Jan 2019

AE Lower-Thirds 0001

For the last couple of months I have been kicking myself really hard for not pursuing motion graphics back in art school. I had many opportunities to take the plunge, but chose to stick to what I knew—print design, advertising and, eventually, web design. But mograph has been tugging at the heartstrings HARD. And the bar for entry has come to a place I can now afford. SO, I am diving in… I made a goal for myself of creating […]

28 Jan 2019

Ah… So That’s How It’s Done. Tell Better Stories.

I have seen this video several times, but today it just seemed to resonate a bit differently for me… [ GARY VEE ON CONTENT ] I have struggled with “what do I say?” for a while. My Family gets frustrated with me because I rarely call. And when they call and ask how I’m doing, my response is, “I’m hanging in there.” All the time. It never changes… Why? Because I don’t feel like I really DO anything. I wake […]

15 Jan 2019

On Your Marks. Hitting The Starting Blocks To Career Transition.

I had a great conversation with a local creative recruiter today. I feel like my tenure at my current company has run its course and it’s time to move on to bigger and better things. I have spoken recently about how much I want to transition into a more video-focused role. My current day is probably 80/20 web design to video production. These days, maybe closer to 70/30 with me creating on-screen graphics. I spent a lot of time over […]

04 Jan 2019

Time To Purge. The Chore of Rebranding Myself Online.

I spent the better part of 2 hours this morning unfollowing Instagram “models” and “influencers” that I found appealing at one point in time. Up until recently, I made a little name for myself as a glamour photographer. But now EVERYONE is a glamour photographer. And many of the self-made models are taking better selfies than 80% of current glamour photographers out there. So I made the decision to swim upstream and shoot something different. That transition burned me out a […]

04 Jan 2019

The Confetti Has Fallen, Now Get Back To The Grind.

Happy New Year, all! The celebration is done. You already broke your first resolution. And now it all sets in — there’s work to do. 361 more days of grind. So, how are you planning to tackle the new year? I have read a few self-help books over the last couple of years. I am trying to break into my own personal vault and deal with some of my own demons, and become a more thoughtful, creative individual. But over […]